Thinking about a Hybrid Water Heater?

At the beginning of a new year, during the coldest part of the season in the south, you may be thinking about longer, hotter showers. You may want warmer water faster when you’re washing your hands or doing dishes. If these are things you think about often, then it might be time to switch your water heater.

You may already have a gas or electric water heater – tank or tankless – but they can sometimes run up the bills without providing you with enough consistent hot water. It could be time to consider a hybrid heater.

Hybrid heaters combine the best functions of both tanked and tankless heaters; they heat water quickly when it’s required, while still maintaining a reserve so hot water is always ready to go. The technology varies by model, but the crux is that hybrids can be 75 to 98% more efficient than a standard heater. They use less energy to get more done, faster.

Although more expensive from the get-go, hybrids can typically save the average household hundreds to thousands of dollars over the course of the year. When purchasing a hybrid heater, another consideration is size. It varies considerably by model, but some can be larger than standard heaters and others can be half the size.

Shop around for your new hybrid heater, as they are produced by many different companies and vary widely in price, size and efficiency. Always think about your long term savings – an investment up front can result in more money in your pocket five years down the road.

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