We’ve been lucky so far this winter—the weather has been pretty mild. Still, we have a few more weeks of cold weather ahead of us, and some of you with wells may have had problems with freezing pipes. If you want to prevent your well from freezing, you’ll want to follow these simple steps to protect your well:

Get Out Your Camera

You might think this is crazy, but the first thing you’ll want to do is to take a photo of the tag on the well pipe (that metal plate you see that has the well depth, water level, and other important information on it) so you have this information on hand. It’s good to know how old your well is and what the well depth is in case you have problems with your well in the future.

Prepare The Pipes

Your pump is actually deep down inside your well, so you’ll actually be looking at an extension of the well casing and the associate pipes. You’ll need to measure the length of the pipes that are exposed (out of the ground) so you can insulate them. If the pipes are somewhat frozen already, use a hair dryer to warm them up and then use an old towel to wipe them down.

Insulate The Pipes

You can use one of many types of insulation. Some people like foam pipe insulation, but others cut up old sweatshirts or a thick fabric like sweatshirt material or a thermal blanket. If you use sweatshirt material, be sure to wrap it twice (double thickness) to make sure the pipes are insulated enough. Use heat tape to attach the material or insulation around the pipes and to keep it secured.

Install A Heat Lamp

Now you’ll want to install a heat lamp inside the well house. You’ll need to plug it in, so be sure to use outdoor-safe extension cord to connect the lamp to the electrical outlet. The heat lamp will keep the well nice and warm.

Cover The Well

Cover the well with one of the following:

  • An insulated, preconstructed well cover (you can find fiberglass rocks or well houses for sale at hardware stores)
  • A trash can (better yet, a trash can within a trash can, with insulation in between the two cans)
  • A brick well house
  • A framed well house

If Your Well Is Frozen

Try thawing the pipes with a hair dryer. Check to see if the well is still working. Unfortunately, frozen pipes can cause the pipes to shut off tightly, which can ruin a submersible pump. If your pump is not working or you have a broken pipe that is now leaking, call us right away for a consultation.