Have to Wait a Long Time for Hot Water?

Have you ever had to wait a very long time for the hot water to finally arrive in a sink or bathtub? Have you found you hot water running out long before you are ready for it to fade? Have you gotten scalded by water that is too hot? Learn how to solve these hot water problems here.

Problem: You Have to Wait a Long Time for Hot Water

Do you have to wait a long time before you get hot water at certain faucets? Perhaps your master bathroom shower or sink takes minutes of running to get hot water. This happens when you have a long way to go from your tank hot water heater (usually located in the garage or crawl space) to the out-going faucet. You have to run out all the cold water that was already sitting in the pipes before the hot water from the hot water heater can get to your shower or sink faucet.

While this is inefficient (and costly – that’s a lot of water waste), it is also probably causing problems with your hot washes (washing machine) and even dishwasher (if it is not located close to the hot water heater.) If you are finding your dishes aren’t coming clean in the washer, you probably aren’t getting hot water quickly enough to the dishwasher, meaning your dishes are getting washed in cold or tepid water.

You can solve this problem by getting point-of-source water heaters (small on demand water heaters) installed in your master bathroom and right next to appliances like the dishwasher. These hot water heaters will ensure you get hot water immediately, every time. Ask your plumber about a tankless water heater, which is another great option, especially if your heater is over ten years old (and should be replaced anyway.)

Problem: Running Out of Hot Water Mid-Shower

Are you running out of hot water mid-shower? Then you don’t have a big enough tank water heater for your household demand. Invest in a bigger tank water heater or a tankless water heater, either of which will solve your problem. Tankless water heaters pay for themselves in energy and water savings, especially since they last twice as long as traditional tank water heaters.

Problem: Getting Scalded by Hot Water

If you sometimes get scalded by hot water, you’ve got your water heater set too high. To avoid scalding, set your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything hotter can result in a nasty burn.

If you find you get blasted with hot water while in the shower (when someone flushes the toilet), read here to get simple answers to this common problem.

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Have to wait a long time for hot water?

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