Charlotte Plumber Advice Column: How to Fix Leaky Pipes

If you know you have a leak, you should fix it right away. Leaks are costly, and your water bill can skyrocket thanks to the innocent-looking leak. (Besides water from the leak, noise could be an indication that there is a leak in a water pipe.) The following are tips on fixing a leak on your own. Of course, when in doubt, give us a call and we’ll fix it for you.

There are several different solutions to fix a small leak in a water pipe, which include patches, waterproof tape, compound sticks, and epoxy paste.

1. Temporary patches

The most effective temporary patch is a rubber pad and clamp because they typically won’t damage the pipe.

A good temporary patch can hold permanently as long as the rest of the pipe is working well.

2. Waterproof tape

Dry the affected area completely before placing the waterproof tape. This will ensure the stickiness of the tape. Furthermore, you want to make sure you have enough tape for the area.

The tape should begin about 2 to 3 inches (5-7.5cm) from the leak and continue the same distance beyond the leak.

3. Compound stick

A compound stick is another effective way to fix a small leak on a water pipe and can be used even when the water is flowing.

4. Epoxy paste

Epoxy paste is another way to fix a leak, but first, make sure the water off is off. Next, dry off the affected area of the pipe. The epoxy paste can only be applied to a dry pipe.

>Tips on how to fix condensation on water pipes

Condensation on the pipe could also cause dripping water from pipes. Condensation occurs because the water inside of the pipe is considerably lower than the temperature of the surrounding air.

Insulate the pipes

Insulation of the pipes can prevent condensation as well as maintain the temperature of the water inside of the pipe.

>Tips on how to fix frozen water pipes

For any method, begin to heat the pipes near the faucets so that the pipe does not burst from a build up of steam. Starting at the faucet will create a free flow of water for the thawed water.

Also with any method, shut off the water supply completely to that part of the plumbing.

Hot towel or heat tape

Wrap a hot, heavy towel or heat tape around the frozen pipe.

Space heater, heat lamp, or hair dryer

With any of these three types of heaters, thaw the frozen length of the pipe, starting near the faucet.

>Tips on how to fix unsecured water pipes

If attaching the pipes more securely does not work, then try adding a non-metallic buffer such as wood or rubber between the pipes.

**Please keep in mind that although there are easy, effective ways to fix a leaky pipe, one leak could indicate corrosion of the pipe. So ultimately, more leaks will probably occur.

Furthermore, if there is a section of the pipe that needs to be replaced, a professional will need to do this. They may have to cut the pipe section, and then thread it, followed by replacing the fittings at either end.

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