Charlotte Plumbers Help When Toilets Back Up

Are the toilets on your lower level backing up? Do you suddenly have sewage coming out of your toilets? No, your house is not revolting against you, and no, the problem is not that someone flushed something awful down the toilet. In most cases, the problem is a clog deep in the pipes, and in most cases, the culprit is something you probably never suspected: tree roots.

Tree Roots

Trees need water, right? And what does your sewage line deliver? Water! (Amongst other things.) That’s why tree roots find even the tiniest hairline crack in a sewer or water main pipe and then force their way into the pipe, causing a much larger breakage and then clogging up the pipe entirely. Take a look at some of the pictures of tree roots we’ve extracted from pipes here in the Charlotte area. Some of them are as big as a person!

Clogged and Broken Pipes

In many cases, people have no clue the pipe is broken until the day is becomes completely clogged by tree roots and the sewage starts backing up in lower floor toilets. At that point, pipes need to be dug up, replaced and then the yard (or slab) replaced.

When a Toilet Truly is Just Backed Up

Of course, sometimes toilets really are just backed up because the wrong stuff was flushed (or too much of something was flushed). In these cases, you should be able to plunge or snake it clear.

Just be sure to be gentle on your pipes and not make the problem worse. Hardware stores sell power augers and jetters but you really want to undergo some training before you risk breaking or jamming your piping. Click here to learn how to safely and properly unclog a pipe and use a plumbing snake.

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