You know you’ll have to replace your water heater when it actually dies, but is there a good reason to replace your water heater before it breaks? The answer is yes, and it’s not just to save yourself the unpleasant experience of a cold shower.

1. Water heaters become less efficient as they age.

As your water heater ages, it becomes less efficient, especially if you haven’t performed annual maintenance on it. (You should drain your water heater once a year and change the anode rods every three years. Read here about how to maintain your water heater.) Older water heaters require more energy to heat water, especially after they hit year ten. This costs you more money in energy bills.

2. Buying a water heater in a pinch can be very expensive.

Would you buy a new car on a day’s notice? Then why would you buy a water heater under pressure? if you wait until the day your water heater breaks (which is usually the same day you have an important presentation at work and everyone else in your household desperately needs hot water for one thing or another – it’s just how it goes – Murphy’s Law). It’s best to do research and find out exactly what water heater will best meet your needs. Be sure to investigate:

3. You might need to make adjustments you did not anticipate.

Most people assume a new water heater will fit neatly into the space their previous water heater fit, but that is not the truth. Newer water heaters are bigger than older water heaters (thanks to 2015 Energy Mandates requiring more insulation) and newer water heaters often require new fittings or other plumbing adjustments. If you look into getting a new water heater preventatively, you’ll save yourself the time spent without hot water and the surprise factor.

4. Old water heaters reduce water quality.

As your water heater ages, sediment and rust can build up inside. Guess what that does? It taints the water you use for bathing, drinking and cooking.

5. Old water heaters can cause property damage.

We all know someone who came home to a leaking water heater, don’t we? This can be especially damaging if the water heater is in the attic. A leaking water heater can cause expensive property damage.

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