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Charlotte Leak Detection

We are the only local Charlotte plumbing company that owns its own leak detection equipment. That means we’re ready to act immediately, without having to take the time to rent equipment.

We’ll help you determine why your water bill spiked, tackling even tough-to-find leaks like:

We use the following state-of-the-art detection and repair equipment to locate breaks, leaks, bellies, and obstructions:

  • SeeSnake® Drain & Sewer Inspection Equipment
  • RIDGID SeeSnake reels and cameras
  • MicroCALL+, Digital Leak Noise Correlator
  • Xmic Leak Detection System
  • Superior Smoke Testing equipment

Because we use quality equipment, our detection and repair process is efficient, minimally invasive and cost effective. Check out our plumbing coupons and our blog posts on how to prevent leaks.

What Customers Say

Richard P was excellent. He was prompt, courteous and thorough. I had made a mess of things trying to repair the leak under my bathroom sink myself, but just took over the job and did it right with no criticism of my efforts. This is the second time he has been to my home for plumbing problems and he is the best! I will definitely use ER again and Richard whenever he is available.
Nick M.
These guys are great, been fixing our plumbing for about 15 years. In all that time they have never had to come back to fix something they fixed before, they do it right the first time. They show up on time in a big truck that always seems to have whatever parts they need so there is no time wasted traveling back and forth for parts. I won’t use anyone else.
Amy H.
It’s always scary when you see water coming from where it shouldn’t be. I am so happy that we called E.R Plumbing. Terry, immediately took charge of the situation and throughout the process was respectful and reassuring. He explained to us what would need to be done to diagnose the problem, what may or may not be found, and what we should do to resolve our issue. He was very conscious of the fact that he was in our home and took care to protect our furnishings while doing his work and leaving our place in great shape. Based on Terry’s service to our family, I would not hesitate to recommend E.R. Plumbing.
Garrett, the plumber who came to my home to fix my repair was extremely considerate and respectful. He applied the protective shoes before entering. After examining the leak, he explained in detail in full, talked to me about the repair and them explained the cost to me. He was very kind and efficient. I will call this plumbing service again when a need arises.
David B.
ER Plumbing has responded on 2 occasions for water line leaks, one outside and another under the center of our slab foundation. Terry was my plumber on both jobs and is absolutely terrific, creative and just brilliant in his solutions. I would not consider any other company.
Marjorie O.
Jason and Terry provided timely, proficient, and professional service. They were very knowledgeable and were able to resolve a major water leak. Their teamwork with each other lead to expediency in resolving the water issue. They were very customer service oriented and were able to describe and show my husband and I the important materials used. I would recommend ER Plumbing to my friends and neighbors. Additionally I found ER Plumbing Customer Service Center to attend to customer issues in a friendly and swift manner. Thank you, ER Plumbing I will certainly use your services in the future! Thank you so much, Jason and Terry!
Susan R.


Watch this video to find out.

Do You Have a Leak?

Water Meter?

Wondering if your water meter is broken?

Water Meter Broken?

Leak Detection

We provide the following services...
Leak Detection Services:

Service lines
Well heads and associated lines
Broken or inoperable pipe lines
Buried pipes under concrete or asphalt
Slab leaks
Water pipe location
Sewer pipe location
Location of buried tanks and drums
Gas leak detection

Gas Leak?

What should you do if you smell gas?
Smell Gas?

Leave the area immediately and call 911.
Call your natural gas service provider.
Call your plumber.
Natural gas is highly flammable. It can ignite easily and can cause serious health problems if inhaled. Do not reenter your home until professionals have repaired the leak.

Charlotte Leak Detection Blog Posts

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 Charlotte Leak Detection Services

Leak detection is trickier than most people realize. Of course, there are simple leaks, which are obvious, but in most cases, leaks occur in hidden places, where they go undetected until a bigger problem arises. The following are examples of the types of leaks we often find and fix. Hopefully this leak detection primer will help you understand what may be happening in your home or business.

Obvious Leaks

Let’s say you’ve got an obvious leak, such as a leak you can see visually.

Leaky shower head or faucet

If your shower head or faucet is leaking, you can try replacing it yourself or hire a plumber to take care of it. Take special note of sealants around the connections as you do the installation to ensure you actually fix the leak.

Leak under the sink or connected to an appliance

If you’ve noticed dampness under a sink, an odor from the area under your garbage disposal, or water damage under or behind an appliance, you’ve probably got a leak in the hose or hose connections. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are caused by any of the following:

  • Leaks in refrigerators often come from hoses to water or ice dispensers freezing and cracking.
  • Leaks behind appliances come from the hoses being stretched or crimped. If you’ve recently moved an appliance (for example, pulled it out to clean around it or get something that fell behind the appliance), you may have tugged on or crushed the hose. If the hose is at all old, it may be brittle and crack easily, creating a leak.
  • Leaks under garbage disposals or in connecting hoses from dishwashers are often caused by things placed under the sink or old age. If the hose begins to sink down, the gravity may be pulling on the hose in places where it has become brittle or fragile, and a crack can occur. These leaks are often so small that you don’t notice them until the area begins to stink or becomes perpetually damp.
  • Leaks in toilets can come in a variety of forms.
    • The flap may become loose, causing a running toilet or a toilet that “ghost flushes” every time water pressure builds in the tank. Running toilets are very expensive – they waste a lot of water, driving up your water bill.
    • Cracks around the toilet base can cause another type of leak, one that causes water damage to your bathroom floor and/or ceiling of the room beneath the toilet.
  • Leaks in bathtubs and showers often happen when sealants around the edges of the tub or drains become old and cracked. You may need to recaulk, repair the tub or shower frame itself, or replace the drain.

These are all obvious leaks. They are easy to spot and usually easy to access. The tricky leaks are the hidden leaks, the ones you won’t see dribbling water from a visible pipe or hose.

Hidden Leaks

You may have noticed your water bill suddenly spiked, or you may wonder why your water bill has been increasing each month even though you don’t think you’ve been using more water than usual. You also may have noticed that a spot on a wall, ceiling or floor has become water-stained, and you don’t know how or why. In some cases, you’ll notice a patch of black mold growing on a water stain, indicating moisture has been trapped inside that area for a while. You might see a sink hole in your yard, or water bubbling up in a segment of your yard. All of these are signs of a hidden leak.

Hidden cracked pipes

Pipes break for a variety of reasons. If it’s been a cold winter, pipes may have been stressed if water froze inside the pipes, even if they did not burst in an evident way during the cold months. Sometimes pipes simply wear out, or fittings corrode, or the ground or house shifts, causing a crack in an otherwise healthy pipe.

Uninsulated pipes

Here in the South, our pipes are not well insulated, so we are especially vulnerable to cracking and bursting pipes whenever a cold spell hits.

Cracked pipes

We also are susceptible to pipes cracking due to shifts in the ground. The heavy clay earth can shift, putting pressure on pipes and causing tiny hairline cracks to form. These cracks go undetected until a tree root, desperate for water, finds its way into the hairline crack and pries the pipe open to access the water. The tree root then causes a larger crack or even starts growing inside the pipe.

Slab leaks

Sometimes pipes crack underneath slab. This can be difficult both to detect and to fix if a plumber doesn’t have the right equipment. (We are completely equipped and do this sort of project all the time, but a lot of plumbers are too small to have the right equipment. We also have the equipment to repair the area afterward, leaving your yard, home, street, driveway or parking lot looking great after we fix the plumbing problem.)

Leaks inside walls or in crawl spaces

Leaks often happen where pipes or hoses are difficult to see. Sometimes these happen because of age; the pipes, fittings, or hoses simply become old and brittle, and therefore crack or break. It can be difficult to locate these leaks.

Why We Succeed: Great Leak Detection Equipment

Leak detection equipment has come a long way over the years. Take a look at our videos (above) to see us using some of our leak detection equipment in action. You can see that we use equipment that allows us to detect exactly where the leak is, even if it’s in a difficult place to locate. Note how we can “hear” the leak using the equipment. We also use smoke leak detection equipment and cameras that can be snaked inside lines. Through these many various advanced forms of equipment, we can find leaks other companies can’t find, and can limit the repairs to the exact locations that require attention.

Charlotte Water Bill Spiked? What to Do?

If your water bill has spiked, you should first go out and check your water meter to make sure it is working properly.  Watch our video (up above) to find out how to do that.

Next, if you have an irrigation system, check to make sure nobody accidentally ran over one of your irrigation sprinklers. It’s easy to break one of those sprinklers with your lawn mower or by driving over one – these are one of the most common causes of water leaks for those who have irrigation systems. Have the irrigation system company come out and repair the broken sprinkler if you can’t do it yourself.

After you’ve made sure the water meter isn’t the problem, you will want to get a plumber out to locate your leak as soon as possible. The longer you wait to fix the leak, the worse your problem will become. Why?

  • Hairline cracks are more expensive than you’d ever guess. A simple hairline crack can cost you a hundred dollars a month in water expenditures, and in most cases, cracks get bigger and worse as time passes.
  • You have no idea how big or small a hidden leak is. Many of our customers are shocked when we show them that a tree root the size of their arm has grown into a cracked pipe in the yard. Meanwhile water has been oozing out, watering their tree and lawn very nicely, but also in a very expensive manner.
  • Hidden leaks often cause hidden water damage, and the repair costs can be exorbitant, especially if drywall and framing is destroyed or mold has developed. Mold in particular causes health problems if not remedied properly.
  • Running toilets may seem like a mere pain in the neck, but they are actually very expensive. You’re throwing away gallons of water at a time. Very pricey indeed.

It’s much better to get a leak identified and fixed sooner than later. This is a situation where waiting can increase the costs exponentially.

Why Choose E.R. Plumbing Services for Charlotte Leak Detection and Repair

We totally understand why many people put off bringing in a plumber. You’re busy. You know you have a leak somewhere, but you hope it isn’t costing much. Every day, you say, “I’ll get to that tomorrow,” but tomorrow is just as busy as today. You’re juggling work commitments, activities with the kids, etc. It seems like you never have time to find out if you’ve actually got a leak or not.

Open 24/7

We get it. That’s why we are open 24/7, 365 days a year. We also don’t charge extra for weekends or evenings.

Why? So you can use our online contact form to schedule an appointment whenever it works for you. Let us know what times are best for you, even if it’s as specific as “My best time is Tuesday evenings between 6:30-8:00 p.m.” We understand (a lot of us have a lot of personal commitments, too!), and we’re staffed 24/7 for this very reason.

We want to make this easier for you, and we want to help you get the problem fixed before it gets worse. On your schedule.

Committed to Getting the Job Done Right

We are also committed to your satisfaction. If the job isn’t completed to your satisfaction, our owner, Dave Parker, will personally make things right by you. We care about developing a relationship with you that we hope will last a lifetime. That’s our slogan: “Serviced Once, Client for Life.”

Skilled Charlotte Plumbing Technicians

We hire skilled, experienced plumbing technicians committed to courteous, respectful, informative plumbing service. Click here to read reviews about our specific plumbing technicians (we believe you should know who is servicing your home!) and here to read reviews about our company as a whole. Click here to read our employment requirements and here to read about our owner. You’ll quickly see that we care about providing the best service available in a 30-mile radius of Charlotte.

Charlotte Leak Detection Experts 

We serve a 30-mile radius surrounding Charlotte, so feel free to contact us if you need leak detection in Huntersville or in Pineville, Gastonia or Monroe. We’ve got the trucks, the staff and the equipment to take care of you quickly and efficiently.

Thanks for trusting us. We look forward to serving you!