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Charlotte Emergency Plumbers

Our owner, Dave Parker, has always been committed to offering emergency plumbing services for less. We make sure you get the same service and attention during evenings, weekends and holidays as you would during the weekday — at no extra charge. You can always count on us for:

  • Fast 24/7 emergency plumbing response time
  • Accurate diagnosis of the problem
  • Fully stocked trucks (parts on hand)
  • Fully staffed shifts so we are available when you need us, day or night
  • Service 24/7, 365 days a year (even holidays) – no extra charge

Scroll down and click on the boxes below to learn what to do when faced with a plumbing emergency and to read details of the services we provide. Skilled Charlotte emergency plumbers with hundreds of positive reviews.

What Customers Say

When our water heater broke, we called a different plumber that made us wait all day to come by and give us an outrageous repair estimate. Meanwhile while wasting our day away on the other company, I called ER Plumbing. Deborah was so nice and gave me a quick guesstimate over the phone from my model description. (The other plumber couldn’t do that without making a $99 service call to look at our broken water heater). We called her back on Monday morning and ER had Terry here by 11:00. Terry was so pleasant and professional. He did a fantastic job installing our new gas water heater. My husband is a commercial general contractor and he was extremely impressed with Terry’s quality of work. It was perfect! When he left, the area where he installed the water heater was spotless. I highly recommend ER Plumbing and Terry. They are our plumber to call from any future needs.
Debbie and Chuck T.
I called on a Friday evening after I came home from work and found that I had no hot water. Jason from ER Plumbing was here in less than an hour, quickly diagnosed my problem, explained the issue and cost, and repaired it promptly. I remembered that I also had a leaky Delta bathroom faucet and he repaired that as well. I am extremely pleased with his professionalism and skill. I would highly recommend ER Plumbing and will definitely use them again for all plumbing needs.
Carmel C.
Excellent. Talked to the dispatcher immediately and the plumber arrived within an hour to address our issue. He was polite and quick to diagnose the issue. Would highly recommend.
Susan L.
Jeff was amazing. Came fast, explained everything upfront. Needed a new water heater. System was 16 years old so it was time anyway. Found ER through Chamber of Commerce website so knew I wouldn’t have any issues. Told me price, went to get parts and came back within an hour as he said he would. Started working. Drop cloths were even recently washed – I could smell the fabric softener. Went on his way draining system, not a sound. Went to go get kids from school and there he is running the water to test to make sure it worked. Amazing work, friendly, a true gentleman. Thank you, Jeff – you’ve earned my business for life.
Steven W.
Charlotte plumber

Drain Clogged?

Click Here to Learn What to Do!

Clogged Drain First Steps

Before you call a plumber, try the following:
* Do NOT use a chemical drain cleaner
* Put on goggles and protective gloves
* Use a plunger to try to unclog the drain
* Use a snake to dislodge the clog

Still clogged? Give us a call!

Charlotte plumber

Think You Have a Leak?

Click Here to Learn What to Do!

Leak Detection First Steps

Before you call a plumber:
* Check your water meter.
* Turn all water sources off.
* Meter still running? You’ve got a leak.

Most leaks happen in places you can’t see visually. Water bill spikes are the best indicator of a leak. We use smoke leak detection equipment to locate hidden leaks.

Charlotte plumber

Pipe Burst?

Click Here to Learn What to Do!

Pipe Burst?

Before you call a plumber:
* Locate the main line shut off valve
* Turn the valve off
* Immediately sop up whatever water you can clean up to prevent water damage to your home

Learn how to locate and turn off your main line now, before you have an emergency.

Charlotte plumber

Water Heater Broken?

Click Here to Learn What to Do!

Water Heater First Steps

If your water heater isn’t working:
* Check the breaker box to make sure electricity is flowing
* Check the pilot light
* Look at the metal tag to see how old your water heater is
* Turn off the power and check the anode rod for corrosion

Still not working? Call us for an assessment.

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Why Choose Us as Your Charlotte Emergency Plumber?

You’re looking for a plumber you can trust. A plumber who will respond quickly, properly identify the problem and then will fix it, on the spot, with minimal disruption. You want excellent service at an affordable rate, and you don’t want to deal with mess or a repeat problem a week later.

That’s why we take all of these factors seriously. Let me tell you a little more about E.R. Plumbing Services, and you’ll see why our slogan is “Serviced Once, Client for Life.”

Always Staffed, Never an Extra Charge

Many people assume that emergency plumbing service during evenings, weekends or holidays comes at an extra expense. That may be true with other plumbers, but we are committed to offering you the same attention and service you’d get during the work week no matter what time of day (or night) you need a plumber.

How do we accomplish this?

We’re prepared for emergencies. We work in shifts so we are always fully staffed, day and night, weekdays and weekends, for your plumbing emergency. Our trucks are fully stocked and our warehouse is packed with parts so that we can handle your emergency in a timely and efficient manner.

No extra charge. Same high quality service. Day. Night. Weekday. Weekend. Holiday. We are always committed to providing excellent plumbing service for less.


E.R. Plumbing Services is a local plumbing company, based in Matthews, NC, right on the border of Charlotte. We’ve been in business since 1997, so you know we aren’t a here-today, gone-tomorrow operation.

We service the entire Charlotte metro area, from Tega Cay and Rock Hill to Concord and Kannapolis. Looking for a Mount Holly plumber? A Harrisburg plumber? We’re large enough to service the entire area, but small enough to provide personal service.

We know we’re competing with some of the bigger, national chains, but that’s where we proudly stand out with supreme customer service and fast response. We live here in Charlotte; we’re committed to the Charlotte community. We not only provide the best Charlotte emergency plumbing service, but we also perform charity work and give back to the community on a regular basis. This is our town, and we’re invested.


Our owner, Dave Parker, has over 30 years of plumbing experience. He’s a licensed master plumber, and he’s been in the business long enough to know how to keep his company always prepared. We only hire experienced, reliable, courteous plumbers, and we guarantee our work.

Click here to see pictures of and learn more about our technicians, our trucks and our team. Click here to read specific reviews written about individual technicians on our team. You’ll see that some of our techs have 90+ reviews listed! Know your plumbing technician.

Hundreds of Positive Reviews

Our biggest concern is your satisfaction. If a plumbing job gets complicated or you feel something isn’t right, our owner will make it right with you. We care. Just check out our hundreds of positive testimonials and you’ll see we have a reputation of getting the job done right.

Always Open

We have a large staff and are on duty 24/7, 365 days a year. We don’t charge extra for evenings or weekends, so you can make the appointment when it works for you. Don’t take time off work to deal with plumbing issues! We’ll come to you and work with your schedule.

Prepared for Large and Small Jobs

Our trucks are fully stocked with parts and tools, so our plumbers can usually handle the job right when they get there. If the job is a large one (like a commercial or industrial job, or if you need heavy duty equipment like tearing up slab or using a backhoe), we’ve got the heavy duty equipment waiting in the warehouse. We’re prepared for everything from a simple water heater repair to a major water main break or a multi-water heater replacement at a hotel or apartment complex.

Technologically on the Cutting Edge

A lot of plumbers use guesswork. “Maybe if we change out this fixture…” or “Maybe if we use a hydrojetter that will blast it out…” That sort of guesswork leads to extra work, wasted time, broken pipes and a lot of extra costs for you. We’ve invested in high tech equipment to detect leaks (including location of leaks), blockages and to determine exactly what the problem is. This allows us to make the fix quickly, efficiently and with the least amount of disruption to your property and your pipework.

Fair Pricing

You might not know this, but a lot of plumbers don’t have set pricing. Instead, they eyeball the project and then give you a quote they think you’ll swallow. Any time a plumber gives you a quote that doesn’t match a pricing sheet (or isn’t adequately explained), you should get a second quote. We use set pricing for specific types of jobs, and we don’t offer false coupons.

What do we mean by “false coupons”? Some of our competitors will quote you a ridiculously low price to clear a drain or clogged pipe, but the small print on the coupon says that that low price is only good for the first few feet of the drain. Since almost all clogs happen deep in the pipes or drain system, they then charge you a very high fee to deal with the problem, since there’s no way they can remove a tree root from a drain or deal with a clog that is 20 feet into the plumbing system without charging more. The false coupon gets them into your house, and then you feel that you can’t turn them down.

We pride ourselves on honest, fair, upfront pricing. We don’t want to trick you into using us as your plumber. We want to establish a good relationship with you that withstands the test of time.

Need a Charlotte Emergency Plumber?

Check out our testimonials page, give us a call at 704-269-1066, or use our online contact form and we’ll show you why we’ve got hundreds of positive reviews. We look forward to serving you!

Common Emergency Plumbing Services 

Looking for expertise? We’ve got it! The following are common emergency plumbing services we regularly provide.

No Hot Water?
We’ll check your hot water heater to determine if it’s something as simple as relighting the pilot or replacing the anode rod, or if you actually need a new water heater.

We realize you’re in a hurry to get that hot water heater up and running (they never seem to break down during a convenient time!), but we also promise that we will never take advantage of the fact that you need a working water heater right away. We’ll explain your options and do the proper calculations to determine how big a water heater you need, what type of water heater will best suit your needs and what the most cost efficient options are. We carry a wide variety of brands, types and sizes of water heaters.

Sewer Line Backed Up?
If you’ve got sewage backing up into your home or leaking into your yard, we’ve got the equipment to detect the location of the clog, the cause of the problem and the quickest, most effective way to clear and fix the piping. In many cases, sewer lines are compromised by tree roots. Tree roots are always seeking water, and it’s easy for a hairline crack in your sewer pipe to attract a tree root. The tree root then forces its way into the pipe, widening that crack and soon overtaking the pipe.

Sometimes sewer lines get bent out of shape or start bowing in the middle.

Charlotte sewer line repair, Charlotte emergency plumber, Charlotte emergency plumbers

Sewer line with a bow in the middle

That slump can make the sewer back up into your home instead of flowing the right direction.

Whatever the cause, we have the heavy duty equipment required to dig up the pipes, make the repairs and restore your property – even if the problem is in a challenging location.

Water Bill Spiked?

If you think (or know) you’ve got a leak, we have advanced leak detection equipment that allows us to detect leak location, even slab leaks (where the leak is hidden under concrete or blacktop). Once you think you have a leak, you will want to act quickly – leaks are very costly when left unattended.

Need Emergency Drain Cleaning?

Just found out your drains are backed up? Do you own a business that relies on clear floor drains? Got a problem with drainage on your property? We’ll get those drains cleared in no time.

Appliance/Toilet/Shower Problems?

We’ll help you fix that running toilet, replace that leaking shower head, fix that leaky faucet, figure out what that funky smell is under your kitchen sink or coming from your garbage disposal, or how to fix that leak to your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge or other appliance.

True Charlotte Emergency Plumbers: Always Open & Ready to Serve

Whatever your Charlotte plumbing emergency, we’re ready to fix it. Just give us a call and find out why our slogan is “Serviced Once, Client for Life.”