Is Charlotte Drinking Water Safe? 2016 Water Quality Report

Remember “Erin Brokovich”? Learn About Charlotte Drinking Water Concerns
A national report released Tuesday September 20, 2016 concluded that unsafe levels of chromium-6 — known to cause cancer — has been found in tap water serving 200 million Americans across all 50 states. Chromium-6 was first made famous by Julia Roberts in the movie “Erin Brokovich,” but it […]

4 Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Solutions That Save Money

Save Cash with these 4 DIY Plumbing Solutions!
Looking for DIY plumbing solutions to save money? While there are a lot of plumbing tasks that you shouldn’t attempt on your own (like using a professional grade auger or fiddling around with your water heater pressure valve), there are plenty of safe DIY plumbing hacks that are easy […]

5 Ways to Avoid Plumbing Disasters Plumbers Wish Homeowners Knew

Avoid These Plumbing Disasters
As a master plumber and owner of a Charlotte NC plumbing company, Dave Parker has seen a lot of good and bad plumbing habits. That’s why he urges homeowners to take the following five steps to protect their homes from avoidable plumbing disasters.

1. Please take the time to learn where your main […]

5 Plumbing Mistakes Plumbers Beg You to Stop Doing

Plumbers in Charlotte NC beg you to avoid these 5 plumbing mistakes!
As a master plumber and owner of a Charlotte NC plumbing company, Dave Parker has seen a lot of things in his 30 years of plumbing. He’s got stories to tell. The following are five things he wishes you wouldn’t do:

1. Don’t use Drano on […]

Why You Need to Stop Buying Bottled Water (and Invest in a Reusable Water Bottle)

Plumber in Charlotte NC Recommends You Stop Buying Bottled Water
School has started up again, and many of us send our kids to school with bottled water. It’s much better (health-wise) than soda or juice, and we all know that drinking water helps with hydration and mental performance over all.
The Problem With Bottled Water
However, bottled water […]

Charlotte Lawn Aeration and Plumbing Problems Every Charlotte Homeowner Should Know

Problems to Avoid with Charlotte Lawn Aeration That Can Save You a Bundle
Hiring a company to aerate and seed your lawn this fall? It’s great for your grass, but this and other large-scale landscaping projects can affect your plumbing in ways you probably didn’t anticipate. The following are tips for protecting yourself from expensive plumbing […]

Save $300 Through the 2016 Water Heater Tax Credit

2016 Water Heater Tax Credit Basics You Should Know
Is your water heater over 10 years old? Are you thinking about getting a water heater this year? If so, you’ll want to educate yourself about the money-saving options available. If you do your research before the moment of urgency (that morning when you wake up and […]

Charlotte Plumber School Supplies Donation Drive

Want to Give Back to the Charlotte Community?
Join us as we support the Channel 9 School Tools school supplies donation drive!
Annual School Supplies Donation Drive
WSOC-TV’s 9 School Tools campaign is a part of the Channel 9 Family Focus brand and was introduced in 1997. Covering over 22 counties, this is the largest school supply drive […]

Want to See Carrie Underwood in Charlotte October 2016?

Win Carrie Underwood Tickets in Charlotte October 2016
Are you a Carrie Underwood fan? So are we!

We’re giving away two free tickets to the October 23rd concert (lower level, value $300). Just click on the link below to enter our sweepstakes:
Click Here to Enter Sweepstakes to Win Carrie Underwood Concert Tickets
Things to know:

Sweepstakes ends October […]

Charlotte Water Heater Experts Troubleshoot 3 Common Water Heater Problems

Charlotte Water Heater Experts Weigh In
In our last article, we discussed three of the top six most common water heater problems, examining causes and solutions for those three problems. Today we explore the other three most common water heater problems and fixes.
Problem #4: Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs
Possible Issues:

You’ve got bacteria growing in the […]