Charlotte Plumbing Company Gears Up for 2016 Summer Food Drive

What do you do if you find out 18.1 percent of your community is living in poverty? If you’re David Parker of E.R. Plumbing Services, you partner up with a local TV station to find a way to get food to the folks who need it most.

Matthews plumber, Dave Parker, has joined forces with Channel […]

Charlotte Plumber Announces Best 2016 Water Filtration System

As a Charlotte plumber with 30+ years experience, I evaluate and review water filtration systems for my customers. My pick this year is the 2016 Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filtration System. Here’s why…

Why Pelican Water Filtration Systems?

We install the Pelican Carbon Series Whole House Water Filtration System for the following reasons:

High capacity – […]

Charlotte NC Plumber Explains the 5 Types of Water Filtration Systems

Thinking about a water filtration system? Unsure what type to invest in? The following is a simple guide to the different types of water filtration systems and our top choice for best customer satisfaction.

There are several types of water filtration systems, but they all fall into the following five basic categories:

Activated Carbon Filter Water […]

Want to Get Your Water Tested? Charlotte Water Quality Testing

The Flint, Michigan water pollution problem and the recent report published by USA TODAY about lead in school water systems nation-wide makes it evident that we can’t take water quality for granted. Water quality problems happen for three reasons: problems from the city pipes, the housing or building fixtures and pipes, or from the water source […]

Dangerous Levels of Lead in School Water Systems

According to a very concerning report published by USA Today, lead is tainting the water in over 350 school and childcare center water systems, indicating a nation-wide problem with lead poisoning in school water systems. These tests of school water systems were conducted between 2012-2015.

How Much Lead in the Water? Too Much.

Way too much. One […]

Plumber’s Choice Best 2016 Tankless Water Heater

Each year we review the water heaters new to the market to determine which products to offer to our customers. We’ve been installing and repairing water heaters in the Charlotte area for 30 years now, so we take care to only recommend water heaters that we truly believe will deliver both value and performance. The […]

Plumber’s Choice Best 2016 Gas Tank Hot Water Heater

As we prepare for each year, we look over the new hot water heaters available. We provide reviews on our site to help homeowners choose the best water heaters for their situations. As experienced Charlotte plumbers, we carefully choose which products we promote – our reputation depends on us recommending truly great water heaters that […]

Plumber’s Choice Best 2016 Hybrid Hot Water Heater

Every year we check out the latest and greatest in hot water heaters. As trusted Charlotte plumbers, we take our responsibility for providing hot water heater reviews seriously. Our reputation depends on it!
Best 2016 Hybrid Hot Water Heater Review
This year we’ve chosen the Rheem Professional Prestige Series Hybrid Heat Pump as our top choice for […]

Learn About the North Carolina 2016 Hot Water Heater Rebate

Thinking about getting a new water heater this year? Take advantage of our $200 off coupon and the Piedmont Gas rebates to save up to $400 total on your next water heater.

The water heater rebates are as follows:
2016 North Carolina Rebate Program for Homeowners
Did you know that a new high-efficiency furnace and cooling system can save […]

Charlotte Water Heaters: How to Install an Instant Hot Water Heater

Want to install an instant hot water heater to supplement your whole house water heater at a specific sink? Follow these step by step instructions to install your own unit.

Remove all items from under the sink so you will have room for the instant hot water heater.
Turn off the water leading to the water heater.
Shut off […]