Charlotte Plumbers Team Up with TV Station for Coat Drive

Charlotte NC Plumbers Support Kids in Need
E.R. Plumbing Services of Charlotte, NC is teaming up with WSOC TV Channel 9 for the annual Steve’s Coats donation drive. The winter coat drive has provided over 120,000 coats to children, babies, and teenagers in need. This year E.R. Plumbing Services is joining forces with the Charlotte television […]

Learn How to Thaw Frozen Pipes from a Charlotte Plumber

Got Frozen Pipes?
Fear not! We are here to help.

Here in Charlotte, we are about to experience some dips in temperature. The current forecast includes a low of 8 degrees on Sunday, which is pretty dang cold for North Carolina. Unfortunately, most homes in the South are not built for the cold. That means many Charlotte […]

Spread Holiday Cheer by Helping Elderly Relatives with Plumbing Projects

Plumbers in Charlotte NC: 5 Simple Ways You Can Help Your Elderly Relatives Over the Holidays
Going home for the holidays? Staying with your parents or grandparents, and looking for a way to give back to those you love? Spread holiday cheer by doing a few practical projects for the elderly people you love. These projects […]

Plumber in Charlotte NC: How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Learn How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing
As a plumber in Charlotte NC, Dave Parker, owner of E.R. Plumbing Services, knows a lot about frozen pipes. After all, houses in the South are not built to handle the cold temps that inevitably hit us for a few days each year. During these deep dips in temperatures, […]

Charlotte Plumbing Advice: Why Is My Water Heating Making Noise?

Water Heater Making Noises? Learn Causes of Noises and What to Do from a Charlotte Plumbing Company
Is your water heater making noises? Wondering if you need to perform maintenance or if you can just ignore the sounds? Worried that it might explode or stop working?

Water heater noises are quite common, and they are usually indicative […]

Charlotte Emergency Plumbing Services for Less

How Do We Do It?

Dave Parker, owner of Charlotte plumbing company E.R. Plumbing Services, has always cared about those living in poverty in the Charlotte area. His company and staff is known for its year-round participation in charitable efforts such as: Room in the Inn (providing shelter and resources for the homeless and those in […]

The Definitive List of What You Can and Cannot Put Down the Garbage Disposal

Charlotte Plumbers Beg You to Never Put These Things Down the Garbage Disposal!
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If there’s ever a holiday during which garbage disposals are abused (and broken), it’s T-Day, no doubt about it. As experienced plumbers, we’ve come up with a definitive list of things you can and cannot put down […]

What to Do if You Have a Holiday Plumbing Emergency

Professional Emergency Plumbers Charlotte NC at Your Service!
Let’s say it’s New Year’s Eve and you’ve just finished up a glorious family dinner. Half your family is watching the game in the living room while the other half is catching up in the kitchen when you look up and see a water stain spreading across your ceiling.

You […]

Charlotte Plumbing Tricks: 4 Ways to Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests So You Don’t Have to Call in a Plumber

Plumbing Tricks You Need to Know
Worried about clogged toilets? A garbage disposal that smells bad or gunks up? Limited hot water? A dishwasher that doesn’t reliably drain? Follow these simple tips to prepare your home for the holidays. We’re open on Christmas (and fully staffed, too!), so we’ve got you covered. However, we’d love to […]

Plumbers in Charlotte Present 6 Simple Plumbing Tricks that Cost Under $20 (5 out of 6 cost under $10)

Listen to experienced plumbers in Charlotte (serving the metro area since 1997)!
You’ll save money while dealing with common plumbing issues such as creaking pipes, loud sinks, sprayer hoses that get stuck under the kitchen sink, finding hidden pipes and flushing the toilet when the water is off.
Plumbing Trick #1: Quiet creaking pipes.
Wondering why your pipes […]