Green Charlotte Plumbing: Conserving Water

You may want to switch to green plumbing options for the sake of saving money, saving energy or healthier living. However, one of the primary reasons why many people go green with their plumbing is to conserve water, a precious natural resource.

Our current methods of purifying water leave a lot to be desired. Every time […]

Green Charlotte Plumbing for Healthy Living

Going green isn’t just a good idea for energy savings, cost savings or to be kinder to the world at large. Green plumbing can also improve your health, providing healthier, cleaner water for your family. The following are going green options we advise you to look into:
Find Out How Clean Your Water Supply Really Is
Get […]

What Causes Sewer Main Line Problems?

Nobody likes to deal with a sewage backup, but what causes sewer main line problems in the first place? The following is a situation we see repeatedly: tree root intrusions. Interestingly enough, we often see this with new construction. This is why:
Tree Root Intrusions Into Main Line
After your new construction home has been built and […]

Advice from a Charlotte Drain Clearing Service

Nobody wants to deal with clogged drains or clogged pipes. You can prevent drain problems by taking simple preventative measures, recognizing signs of impending problems, and taking action to clear drains when they just begin to be clogged, instead of waiting until the problem is serious. Prevent Drain Problems You can prevent most drain problems [… […]

Charlotte Green Plumbing Options That Reduce Home Energy Costs

Going green is often associated with expensive investments, but this isn’t always the case. On fact, there are many green plumbing options that are better for the environment, save on energy usage (and costs) and will pay for themselves very quickly. The following are smart green plumbing investments:
Insulate Pipes and Your Water Heater (In the […]

Charlotte Green Plumbing: Is It Cost Effective or Not?

Would you like to go green, but you aren’t sure where to start? Your plumbing system is one of the best places to invest first. By switching to green plumbing, you will reduce energy costs, improve overall health and be kinder to the environment.
What Does It Cost to Go Green?
In most cases, you aren’t going […]

Is Charlotte Water Safe to Drink?

Fortunately, we live in a city where public water is purified and regulated. However, it’s not as simple an issue as you may think, and what the government deems are “potable” is not always what is truly healthy. As a consumer, you need to learn what you can do to make your drinking water safer. […]

Charlotte Plumber Advice: Help! Toilets Backed Up?

Are the toilets on your lower level backing up? Do you suddenly have sewage coming out of your toilets? No, your house is not revolting against you, and no, the problem is not that someone flushed something awful down the toilet. In most cases, the problem is a clog deep in the pipes, and in […]

Charlotte Plumber Advice: 5 Reasons to Replace Water Heater Before It Breaks

You know you’ll have to replace your water heater when it actually dies, but is there a good reason to replace your water heater before it breaks? The answer is yes, and it’s not just to save yourself the unpleasant experience of a cold shower.
1. Water heaters become less efficient as they age.
As your water […]

Charlotte Plumber Advice: Water Heater in Tight Spot?

Is your water heater in your attic, crawl space, closet or another tight space? If so, you’ll want to do research on water heater replacement far in advance of needing to actually replace it. Here’s why:
Water Heaters and Attics Don’t Mix
I don’t know who ever thought it was a bright idea to stick a tank […]